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Parker Simkins

Parker Simkins (06 Boys) Trains in Denmark

September Update

This trip to Denmark has been a rollercoaster for just about everyone involved however it has been so much fun. Leaving the country at the age of 14 did not really have much effect on me. Of course, I miss everyone from home, and I hope that I will be able to see them this Christmas. If not, I will be home around late July, but since I have been here, I have not been affected of feeling homesick what so ever.

 Trying to get into the county was an absolute nightmare. First of all, they messed up my residence permit not once but twice. Secondly, our flights got cancelled and we our time getting into the country was prolonged once again. That isn’t even including the amount of time, effort, and struggles me and my parents (mainly my parents) went through just to get the paper work to be allowed in the borders. Just when we thought we were %100 sure I was in, COVID numbers sky rocketed in the U.S again making are job to get in even harder than before. However, despite all of the problems, we FINALLY sneaked into the borders. I am just kidding, but we were finally able to get into the country around the 12th or August. This was a Wednesday and we were supposed to get there on the 10th. The International school, which is the school I am currently going to, had an event where the class you were in would meet all of the teachers, you were going to have throughout the school year. Wanna take a random guess when this was? The event occurred 3 and a half hours after we land the plan. So, we are flying in our rented Hertz car from Copenhagen to try and get to the school to make the meet up. THEN WE MISS OUR TURN! Now I am not gonna push the blame onto my dad, but he was the one driving and I wasn’t :). It ended up being ok because we weren’t allowed any way because the COVID cases are so terrible in America, I still had to wait 14 days before I could go to the school even though I had a negative test. So that was the start to this amazing adventure.

The soccer over here is extremely good, but I think that people from our GCU club could definitely come over here and play. However, To do so, one would need the right mindset to be able to work hard and forget about their mistakes on and off of the pitch. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was completely off my touch was just off and my passes were barely off. I was all up in my head from my bad performances. I noticed that it was my mindset was the center point of my problems. There was a game coming up and I decided that no matter how good or bad I do; I am going to keep my chin up and be a good teammate. Being a better teammate helped me get the ball more and do my thing. I felt way more confident then before. Right now, I feel like one of the better players on the team. The players on the team are starting to listen to me more and are giving the ball to me more often. It may be a while till I get my players license so I can play season games, but I am starting to prove myself to be one of the best in this team. As for school, I don’t think I have had one bad day yet. I find the school here amazing. The fact that everything and every assignment is on computer vs paper makes my life so much easier for the reason that I don’t have to keep up with so many papers. The students in my class were so kind to me on my first day a truly made me feel welcomed. Everyone at the school is friends with everyone. No one think that they are better than everyone, and we are all there for each other. It creates a extremely good working environment and that is something that the kids and students in the U.S need to work on.

 Overall, this trip so far has been amazing. My mom is now going to be coming over to stay with me instead of my dad who is going home. I cannot wait to see her because it has been about 8 weeks since I last saw her. The school is amazing and right now I am enjoying playing soccer for EFB. I think I am ready to go against the challenges and obstacles that the future has to give here in Esbjerg, Denmark. This has been and will continue to be a great experience that I hope someone else from somewhere in the Gulf Coast can also travel along this fantastic journey.

Thank you so much Henrik and Mrs. Jennifer, and Ove and Elsie Marie for helping me get to where I am now.

Parker Simkins